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DeWayne Townsend DVM/Ph.D

Dr. Townsend obtained a B.A. in chemistry from St. Olaf College. He then entered the combined DVM/Ph.D program at the University of Minnesota. Next it was on to the University of Michigan for post-doctoral training. He was recruited back to the University of Minnesota into the department of Integrative Biology and Physiology.

Dr. Townsend tweets! Follow him to keep up to date on the latest research news.

DeWayne Townsend

Jackie Heitzman
(Lab Manager)

Jackie Heitzman

Jackie graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a BS in Neuroscience and a minor in Chemistry. She has extensive research experience which has been recognized by both regional and national research awards. She currently provide support to nearly all of our projects and is a recognized expert in performing isolated heart studies.

Tanya Meyers
(Graduate Student)

Tanya Meyers

Tayna is a graduate student in the Integrative Biology and Physiology graduate program. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a double major in Physiology and Psychology. She taught biology labs for a year prior to entering graduate school.

Current Undergraduate Students

Rohan Raikar

(Physiology Major)

Hana Jeong

(Physiology Major)

Jonah Muller

(Physiology Major)

Hadija Steen Mills

Post-Baccalaureate Trainee

Katharine Sharpe (Lab Manager)

Katharine was the Townsend Lab's first lab manager and was a stabilizing force during the turbulent first years of our new lab.

Lauren Aufdembrink (Junior Scientist)

Lauren is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a BS in Molecular Biology, who did such a wonderful job in our group that she has moved on to graduate school.

Kaleb Fischer (Graduate Student)

Kaleb is working as an indpendent contractor doing coding projects, looking to merge his knowledge of biology with the programming needs of the medical industry.

Adriana Pohl- Harvard Class of 2014

Adrianne is currently pursuing opportunities in her other passion, choral music.

Jana Strakova- Post Doctoral Fellow

Jana is persuing further professional opportunities in Seattle Washington.

Lucy Sjaastad- U of MN Class of 2013

Lucy is currently a graduate student doing some amazing work with regulatory T Cells in the MICaB graduate program at the University of Minnesota.

Emily Chiu- MSTP Rotation Student

Emily is currently a graduate student in the MICaB program.

Benjamin Petrie- U of MN Calss of 2014

Ben is a member of the Class of 2019 at Boston University Medical School.

Colin Wendt- U of MN Class of 2014

Colin is a member of the 2018 U of MN Medical school class

Amirtha Yellamilli- IBP/MSTP Rotation Student

Amritha is now back in medical school after completing her Ph.D in stem cell biology.

Karuna Thomas- Masters of Biological Sciences

Karuna is currently an Design Assurance Engineer at Boston Scientific.

Zachary Stelter- Junior Scientist

Zacahry and Adjunct Biology Instructor at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

Nneka Nwachukwu- U of MN Class of 2013.

Nneka is applying to medical schools, we wish her the best.

Jon Dean- DVM Class of 2014.

Jon graduated from Veterinary School, and is working at Capital City Veterinary Clinic in Madison Wisconsin.

Nate Schneider- U of MN Class of 2012.

Nate is currently a Regulatory Toxicologist at Pace Analytical.

Joseph Ernster- U of M Class of 2011.

Joe graduated from the Pharmacy Program at the University of Minnesota and currently works at Setzer Pharmacy in the twin cities.

Crystal Schemenauer- U of MN Class of 2011.

Crystal graduated from the Medical Technology program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Meghan Stumpf- St. Olaf College Class of 2011.

Meghan graduated from Medical School at Creighton University and now practices pediatrics in Kansas City, MO.

Evelyne Houang- IBP Rotation Student

Evelyn graduated with her Ph.D and now is a Senior Scientist in the Drug Discovery Group at Schrödinger in New York City.

Tim Matsuura- IBP Rotation Student

Tim graduated from IBP with his Ph.D and is currently doing post-docotral research in Dr. Dan Kelly's laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania.

Monica Premsukh- UMN Class of 2012

Monica graduated from the Pharmacy Program at the University of Minnesota and is a pharmacist at Children's Hospital Minnesota.